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World Culture Radio

Independent Artist Essentials Bundle

Combining the Services of a Traditional Record Company with the Reach of Internet Radio to Provide You a Platform to Launch Your Music Career!

Here's what you get



Exposure is a must in order to generate awareness and music sales. We provide independent artists a radio platform, free of competition from mainstream artists. We also provide a secure web store to sell your music and an app so your fans can listen on the go. And of course, your music is played 24/7.



We offer an events section on our website, providing you the opportunity to promote your events and sell tickets. We also promote your events on the air and via our social media outlets and occasionally, we post articles on our blog about your events. We do all of this and more to keep you in the minds and ears of listeners. ​



Monthly reporting offers insight on how to remain engaged with your fans and listeners. You'll receive monthly sales reports, information reporting on the demographics of those purchasing your music, as well as, comments from fans & listeners, each helping you understand what they enjoy and how to better engage and gain support.​



Your image is just as important as your music. We provide branding services to help you craft and create your message, your look and your logo. Our team of professionals will work with you and help you achieve the image that best represents you to your fans. We also provide various branding and marketing products to assist you in maintaining your new image. ​

Business Services


Sustaining your music business and career involves a little planning and expertise. We offer financial management guidance, business advice and administrative suggestions to help you optimize your new income stream and maintain a long career. You always have complete control over your affairs; we offer the advice, insight and some direction regarding your financial and business health, allowing you to make well informed business decisions that positively impacts your career.​

Career Services


We will periodically gather feedback and other information from listeners and provide that information to you, allowing you to gain the maximum benefit from it. Based on that feedback, we will offer suggestions regarding various aspects related to your music career goals. You can use the information or totally disregard it. If you decide to implement a suggestion, we will be available to assist you. ​

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