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How to Copyright Your Music

There are two options to get your music copyrighted.  The first is to download these forms, fill them out and mail them to the Library of Congress Copyright Office, along with copies of your music recordings.  Instructions are attached to the forms, if you need assistance completing them. The fee for this method is $85.  The processing time for this option is thirteen (13) months.

The second option allows you to submit your music online, using the Copyright Office’s website.  You’ll need to set up an account, which is free.  There are two (2) options.  The first allows you to submit a single song.  The fee for this is $35.  The second option allows submitting two (2) or more songs, with a fee of $55.  The processing time for this method is eight (8) months.

If you’ve not received an update and the processing time has elapsed, you can check the status of your submission(s) here.

The schedule of fees is here.

The online submission tutorial is here.