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Description of Service

We play your qualifying, original music in rotation on our internet radio station, promote you or your group and provide an online marketplace for you to sale your music in traditional or digital form.  Additionally, we provide branding services, helping you or you group craft your image.  There are  provides event postings, which are displayed on our website and promoted during broadcasts.  You’ll also receive reporting, which includes music sales and listener comments.  We also provide many of the services a traditional record company offers, some are built into the monthly subscription while others can be purchased at a reasonable cost.


How Your Music Will Be Used

In addition to playing your music during our regular broadcasts, your music will be used to promote and attract more listeners to our radio station.  We may also use your music to produce commercials or promotions about you, in order to provide you with maximum exposure and generate music sales.

We may also use your music as the subject or background of our station productions, promotions, event announcements, station commercials, DJ drops, station jingles, sweeps or any other elements that benefit the radio station.  We do not use your music to promote other businesses or services, unless you provide written consent.


The Submission Requirements

Each submission must be broadcast quality and must contain metadata and lyrics.  All submissions must be in MP3, WAV, CD (compact disc) format or on a flash drive.  CDs and flash drives may be sent to 1589 Skeet Club Road, Suite 102-334, High Point, NC 27265.  CDs and flash drives will not be returned.

An artist or group profile must be submitted and any public relations material you may have available will be helpful.

Contact information (a valid e-mail address and phone number) of the artist or a representative is required.

Music containing explicit, defaming or derogatory lyrics will not be accepted.  World Culture Radio, LLC reserves the right to accept or deny submissions.


The Submission Process

Once submissions are received, we review your submitted music to form completeness of metadata and confirm that we have aligned your submitted lyrics to the correct songs.  Once approved, we review each submission individually for broadcast quality and set up your music in our digital store for selling.

We set you up in our systems and begin planning shows and a rotation schedule with your music for our broadcast.  This entire process takes approximately fifteen (15) business days, based on how much you have submitted.  If we require additional information from you, we’ll contact you using the information you provide during the sign up process.



Rotation – The repeated airing of a limited playlist of songs on a radio station.  Basically, it is the approximate number of times a song in played in an allotted time period.

Independent Artist – An independent artist is a vocalist, musician, songwriter, group, band or any combination of these of any genre who creates original music, and who is currently not under contract or obligated to any other company.  This does not include former mainstream artists who have elected to become independent.  From time to time, there may be artists who feel their status should be classified as independent.  Legitimate claims will be reviewed and a final decision that benefits all independent artists will be made.  World Culture Radio, LLC reserves the right to determine whether or not a group or individual satisfies our definition of an independent artist, and whether to accept or deny groups or individuals.

Original Music – Original music is music whose lyrics and music is composed, produced and copyrighted by an independent artist.  Music may have many collaborators; however, each collaborator must fall within the World Culture Radio, LLC independent artist definition.

Sampling musical or lyrical content may be borrowed from other independent artists, as long as that independent artist has provided consent and is properly credited. 

Any submission having components supplied by anyone not subject to the World Culture Radio, LLC independent artist definition or collaborators not subject to the World Culture Radio, LLC independent artist definition will be audited.  A subsequent determination regarding acceptance will be forthcoming.  World Culture Radio, LLC reserves the right to accept or deny submissions.

 MetadataThe information embedded in an audio file that is used to identify the content. This data can be used by a wide range of consumer electronic devices and software programs. The most common reason for using embedded metadata in a digital audio file is for identification purposes. The details of a song for example can be displayed during playback to make it easy for you to identify it and we use it to stream title and artist information to listeners.

LyricsWords that make up a song.

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