About Us

World Culture Radio

About Us

World Culture Radio is an open genre internet radio station that is specifically designed for independent artists.

Our mission is to help independent artists earn an income from their music by providing a platform to develop, produce, market and brand themselves and their music.

Trying to establish a career in the mainstream music industry is discouraging, expensive and nearly impossible. Only a small percent of new artists successfully enter into the mainstream music industry. Without industry connections, actually getting an A&R representative to listen to your demo is extremely hard.  Trying to get mainstream radio air time for your music is also very hard to do.  World Culture Radio has an alternative.

Combining elements of a record label with the power and reach of internet radio, World Culture Radio seeks to provide products and services that assist and prepare you, the independent artist, for the next level in your career. We understand the issues you face and we want to develop a community of support, while building a new industry specifically designed for independent artists—and together, we can achieve this.

This exists to provide an opportunity the mainstream industry can’t provide. We believe that artists who are passionate about their craft, have an audience eager for what you have to offer. We believe that you deserve the opportunity to share your craft and develop your audience and fan base.  If you’re seeking a fast track to riches, we encourage you to find other avenues, as we’re not about instant stardom.  There will be a lot of hard work required; but as an artist, we are certain that you are no stranger to hard work.

For our listeners, we offer a variety of original music that would otherwise not available on mainstream platforms.  Additionally, we provide an opportunity for listeners to be a part of the development and success of their favorite independent artist.  Combining the artists’ passion to succeed with the support of listeners and the platform World Culture Radio provides, I believe that together, we can achieve these goals.

Whatever your success level with World Culture Radio is, it will be determined by your creativity, your music, your hard work, and the support from your new found audience and fan base.

We appreciate your interest in World Culture Radio, and we are pleased to have shared some of our vision for the station, website and the world with you. We know that your time is valuable and could be spent doing something else, and we do not take that for granted.

We offer you our heartfelt thanks.


William Townsend
World Culture Radio, LLC